Friday, March 18, 2011

Orange Juice

Oh yes I did.  I took a picture of orange juice.  A few people have told me they stopped drinking orange juice because it's not worth the calories or "points."  I agree, the calories are high, but so are the vitamins and potassium.  You can buy fortified OJ with calcium, which is good for strong bones and teeth.  **Did  you know that orange juice is not Acidic?  It's Alkaline.  Citrus fruits have an acid pH before they are consumed but leave an alkaline residue in the body after they have been metabolized.  Alkaline foods prevent disease, slow the aging process, and increases longevity.  Meat, eggs, dairy, and caffeine are acidic.  Here is a great article on Acidic vs. Alkaline foods.

I try to pick OJ that has no sugar added and non-GMO.  Just 100% juice.  If you're dragging in the morning and think you need 10 cups of coffee, maybe try some refreshing OJ instead.  I do a 4 oz. shot every morning.  I like Naked (the brand, geez) and Simply Orange.


Chris said...

I love OJ! We like to make fresh OJ when they're in season, which is winter through early spring (I think). Where do you find the Naked brand...regular grocery stores or places like Whole Foods?

Eating Smart (Tracy) said...

Some grocery stores do sell it. I find mine at Safeway (Vons). Thanks for the comment!

Eating Smart (Tracy) said...

I also like Simply Orange. It's fortified with calcium and Vit. D

Vegan Mama (Darris) said...

Lemons and limes are alkaline, but oranges are not. It's the high sugar content in oranges that make them acid forming in the body. An excellent reference for alkaline foods is 'The PH Miracle' (new 2010 edition).

Although I try to follow an alkaline-based diet, when my mom's tree bears fresh, juicy oranges in January I'm in the kitchen makin' OJ!

I'm anxious to try your Vegan Ranch Dressing. Buying 'Follow Your Heart Caesar' (for variety) is eating into my food budget. Thanks for posting the recipe!

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